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AimOn XB XBOX 360 Nov 2011 Elite Edition by Aimon

Price: £64.95
Product prices and availability are accurate as of 2020-02-16 18:33:41 UTC and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on http://www.amazon.co.uk/ at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Product Description

All-About-Pc-Video-Games.com are happy to present the Splendid AimOn XB XBOX 360 Nov 2011 Elite Edition.

With so many great value console products on offer right now, it is wise to have a brand you can consider reliable. The AimOn XB XBOX 360 Nov 2011 Elite Edition is certainly that and will be a great present.

For this price, the AimOn XB XBOX 360 Nov 2011 Elite Edition comes widely recommended and is always a regular choice with the majority of our customers. Aimon have added some nice touches and this equals good reasonable discounted prices.

Product Features

CHANGES IN THE NEW NOV 2011 'ELITE' The Elite is upgraded to PS/XB from user point of view, but it is actually a new generated brand new device other than the same look, the following are the improvements: 1. Solid wireless connection: The Elite has triple faster frequency hopping so it can work more efficient in a heavier RF room with much less data loss almost un-noticeable. 2. No Lag, no acceleration: Lag and acceleration are the same concept from technical point of view, as the RF and processing the row data from mouse/controller will have to take time and cause the delay; thus players would detect the lag and "feel"s like it is accelerating when moving the mouse. The Elite has the much faster transmitting data rate, so the data traveling in the air and processing delay is much less, also the data will not been processed that much vs. PS/XB. 3. Detecting and adapting to different mouse pads: different mouse pads have different surface textures and light reflecting rate. In order to work on all pads, the mouse sensor would have to be tolerant to all the surfaces where it can't balance the tracking and error detecting the best. Elite can test and detect your mouse pad being used, read the texture and reflect rate from this pad so it will track the movement and protect the error more efficiently. 4. Lift -Off: Some other brand high end gaming mice have this high grade feature, when you move to the end of your pad, you normally will lift your mouse up and move to other side to continue.Lift-off means when you lift your mouse off the pad surface, the mouse will stop sending data to make your "on air" moving can be totally "mute". The mouse stops moving firmly at where it was off the pad. This is useful to FPS gamers especially when he is putting the gun on a target without losing a moment of lifting your mouse. 5. Game factory profile and user profile: All the Aimon PS/XB and Elite have adjustable settings for different games. The PS/XB uses different firmware for different game, so players will have to upgrade the firmware for each game. The Elite has changed the way to do this. First of, Elite will not need to flash the firmware for different game unless it needs to fix bug or add more functions. Secondly, more settings are opened to the user that they can fine tune and tweak it in much more details. For user's convenience, they also can get our factory tweaked setting as factory default profile to save to their Elite; the tweaking is based on the default so they won't go missing. Each tuned settings then can be saved to their local PC as a file for later re-use or exchange with other players.

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