Nintendo Wii Console + Games - CHOOSE A BUNDLE - Fully Working -TRUSTED SELLER-

Price: £6.95

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Model :

Nintendo Wii

Colour :


Connectivity :

Component RCA

Type :

Home Console

Features :

Wi-Fi Capability

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Storage Capacity :

512 MB

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Platform :

Nintendo Wii

What the Seller Says

Nintendo Wii Console Buy with confidence from a family run TRUSTED EBAY SHOP We've been successfully trading on ebay for over 10 years so buy from the experts. More than 25,000 delighted others have! - Choose Your Bundle from the drop down menu - About: All the consoles, games and attachments are fully tested to ensure that its plug + play when it arrives and no faffing about. We make sure each console comes with a straightforward set up guide so it really is dead easy for any level of technical ability. We have been selling Wii's for over 10 years so know pretty much all there is to know about them, and will always answer queries promptly - even over Xmas! We don't assume all our customers are hard core gamers - so feel free to ask any questions - as we want to make sure you're delighted with your purchase. The following are included with every console as standard (and is the contents of the basic console selection): - 1x Nintendo Wii Console- 1x Wii Remote controller- 1x Nunchuck controller- All Wires & Cables (Power Supply / TV Cable / TV Sensor Bar) You will ALSO receive the following extras depending on which bundle you choose: White Wii + Mario Kart & Wheel - Mario Kart Wii Game (in DVD case or Cardboard sleeve)- Official Nintendo Steering Wheel White Wii + Wii Sports - Wii Sports Game (Disc only) White Wii + Wii Fit Balance Board & Wii Fit Game - Wii Fit Balance Board- Wii Fit Game White Wii + Sports, Sports Resort & Motion Plus Adapter - Wii Sports Game (Disc only)- Wii Sports Resort Game - Motion Plus Controller Attachment White Wii Ultimate Bundle The big one! This has everything you need for a 2 player super set up. Not just for the kids either - loads of fun games suitable for adults too, and you can do Yoga and other exercises with the balance board. - 1x Extra Wii Remote (so you get 2 in total)- 1x Extra Nunchuck (so you get 2 in total)- Wii Fit Balance Board- Wii Fit Game- Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Game- Mario Kart Game (in DVD case or Cardboard sleeve)- Wii Sports (Disc only)- Wii Sports Resort - 2x Motion Plus Controller Attachment (may be black or white)- 2x Mario Kart Steering Wheels These are pre-owned consoles so may show some cosmetic marks/ signs of use. We thoroughly test them all however so you can be confident they'll work fine for you. Additionally, subject to stocks we may swap a remote + motion plus adapter for one of the nintendo remotes which have the "motion plus" built in. They work identically. The colour of the controllers / nunchuks will normally be white, but subject to stocks we may include ones of a different colour. They work identically of course. If colour is an issue please message us first before purchasing and we can check for you. ADD-ONS You will also see that we have two "bolt-ons" which you can select from the drop down menu to go along with your console bundle. The first selection (£30.95) from the drop down menu is for 1x wii remote + 1 x wii nunchuk and doesn't include a console etc. Its perfect if you want to super-size your console bundle into a 2 player bundle. We have also added a HDMI adapter (£6.95) as the final selection from the drop down menu, which gives you an extra option if you have a more modern smart tv, rather than the standard red, white and yellow connectors which the Wii's come with as standard. Obviously that selection doesn't include a console etc. This may be black (as shown) or white - work identically. All other selections are for a console bundle - and you can see from the relevant picture what they come with. Want Extra Games? We sell lots of Wii games which will obviously go perfectly with this bundle without anything extra needed. The following are very popular in our ebay shop: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124786404987?hash=item1d0dd96e7b:g:~jQAAOSwmgVg1bSc https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123805247505?hash=item1cd35e2811:g:7i4AAOSwQoxdB3WH https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123524805896?hash=item1cc2a6f508:g:ZPcAAOSwkERcBZ~n